“Over the coming days Entergy will review the details of the NRC’s decision to consider what actions we need to take to enable Pilgrim Station to return to normal NRC oversight. While we are confident that Pilgrim continues to be a safely operated plant with highly professional and well-trained employees, we will review all the information and feedback provided by the NRC in order to continue to enhance our performance at the station. Pilgrim has previously addressed all of the issues with the Safety Relief Valve since the NRC first issued its preliminary white finding and the plant is operating safely. There was no safety consequence as a result of the problematic Safety Relief Valve issue.” Bill Mohl, President, Entergy Wholesale Commodities


Yes, it is very safe. Due to the rigorous practices in place at nuclear power plants in the United States, it is a safe and vital form of energy. Read more about what we do to ensure safety and security at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station and the safety of nuclear power in general.


Nuclear power can play an important role in the health of our environment.
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  • 650 PeoplePilgrim employs hundreds of highly skilled workers.
  • $145 MillionEconomic impact on the greater Plymouth community
  • $8.5 MillionTaxes paid by Pilgrim to the Town of Plymouth
  • $350,000Donations to the local community and environmental causes
  • $2.6 MillionContributions to state and local emergency preparedness programs