Get the Facts about Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

Learn more about the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

  • Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station is owned and operated by Entergy Nuclear.

  • We use a boiling water reactor to generate 680 megawatts of nuclear energy for the state of Massachusetts. This creates enough power for more than 600,000 homes.

  • Based in Plymouth Massachusetts, we began operating commercially on December 9, 1972.

  • The plant was constructed by Bechtel Power under the ownership of Boston Edison Co.

  • The plant was sold to Entergy in July of 1999.

  • Pilgrim's licensed was renewed in 2012 for an additional 20 years to 2032.

  • Our workforce consists of more than 600 permanent employees and up to an additional 900 temporary employees who support refueling outages that occur every 2 years.

  • Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year except in case of repairs or scheduled maintenance.

  • Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station is one of the lowest cost power sources available.

  • Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, like all nuclear power facilities, was designed with multiple and redundant safety systems and components. Learn more about safety at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station and nuclear power in general in our FAQs.

We make a positive economic impact:

  • The facility has a $145 million impact on the greater Plymouth community.

  • Approximately $9.75 million in taxes is paid directly to the Town of Plymouth.

  • We contribute approximately $300,000 in annual community and environmental donations and $2.6 million to local and state emergency preparedness programs.

We make positive environmental contributions. On an annual basis, Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station:

  • Displaces approximately 10 Million barrels of imported oil.

  • Prevents production of approximately 1.6 Million tons (gas plant) to 5.7 Million tons (coal plant) of greenhouse gases annually.

  • Prevents production of 153 tons (gas plant) to 472 tons (coal plant) of nitrous oxide (NOx). NOx emissions plant ozone formation that results in summertime smog.

  • Prevents production of 48 tons (gas plant) to 1238 tons (coal plant) of sulfuric oxide (SO2) emissions. SO2 causes acid rain.

  • Prevents massive amounts of sludge and ash from being produced by pollution control equipment at fossil plants.*

*This fact assumes state-of-the-art equipment is used, as it is at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station.