Meet John Dent, Jr.
Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station Site Vice President

John Dent, Jr., is the Site Vice President of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station. Dent is responsible for the day-to-day operation, performance, reliability and safety of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station. He is accountable for the overall guidance and direction of more than 600 employees to ensure that all functions are undertaken in strict compliance with rigid corporate and regulatory policies and procedures.

Dent has a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Widener University and a senior reactor operator license from Seabrook Station. Dent has more than 25 years of nuclear power experience; he joined Entergy in March 2009. Prior to being named Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station’s site vice president, he was general manager of plant operations. Previously, he held key positions at Exelon and FP&L in areas of plant management, maintenance, operations, engineering, work management and outage services.