Local Environment

Local Environment

A Longstanding Commitment

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station has a longstanding commitment to improving the local and global environment. Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station's impact on the environment is extremely positive for two reasons: it is a clean power source and more than $200,000 of all of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station's community funding is for environmental grants.

During the course of renewing its license, Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station's environmental assessment was evaluated by third party environmental experts hired by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

In the environmental impact study provided to the NRC, experts declared that the facility has had a minimal impact on the environment over the course of its lifetime.


Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station is Massachusetts' only emission-free source of baseload power and contributes more than $200,000 of its community funding to environmental grants.

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The issue of global warming continues to capture the focus of America and the world and it's vitally important to understand the role nuclear power can play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station boasts an exceptional safety record and its spent fuel pool meets all regulatory requirements for safely storing used fuel. Learn more