Local Environment

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station & the Local Environment

For 47 years, Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station had a significant positive impact on the environment, safely generating clean, virtually emission-free electricity around the clock.

Pilgrim also operated in accordance with state and federal water use regulations, utilizing ocean water to cool steam before returning it to the bay. Studies performed while the plant was in operation indicate that the plant had a minimal impact on founder larvae and other important species in the marine environment.

Marine Research, Inc. previously studied the effect of the plant on the bay ecosystem and has rendered it safe. The study is called the - Hatchery Production Study: Young of the year Winter Flounder, Post Release Collections 2000-2004 -(PDF 1.4MB). Important environmental protections that were in place while the plant was in operation still apply while the plant is being decommissioned. NRC inspectors will continue to review performance. And our employees have the same commitment to environmental stewardship that they’ve always exhibited.