Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station & the Local Environment

A Positive Impact

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station has had a significant positive impact on the environment at large. The energy Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station creates means we have to rely less on energy methods that are harmful to the environment.

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station prevents:

  • the production of approximately 1.6Million tons (gas plant) to 5.7Million tons (coal plant) of greenhouse gases annually.
  • the production of 153 tons (gas plant) to 472 tons (coal plant) of nitrous oxide (NOx). NOx emissions promote ozone formation that results in summertime smog.
  • the production of 48 tons (gas plant) to 1238 tons (coal plant) of sulfuric oxide (SO2) emissions. SO2 causes acid rain.
  • massive amounts of sludge and ash from being produced by pollution control equipment at fossil plants (assumes state-of-the art equipment is used, as it is at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station).

Because Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station emits zero greenhouse gases, the plant's only environmental impact is the presence of warm water in Cape Cod Bay which is closely monitored.

Studies of the impact of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station on flounder larvae and fish indicate that Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station has a minimal impact on the marine environment.

Marine Research, Inc. has studied the affect of the plant on the Bay ecosystem and has rendered it safe. The study is called the - Hatchery Production Study: Young of the year Winter Flounder, Post Release Collections 2000-2004 - (PDF 1.4MB).

Additionally, Entergy Nuclear owns 1,600 acres of protected forestland in Plymouth.

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station contributes more than $200,000 of its community funding to environmental grants. Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station has proudly contributed to the following local organizations:

National Marine Life Center

New England Wildlife Center

Manomet Center for Conservation Science
Plimoth Station