Security at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

Ensuring Security at All Levels

The safety and security of our facility is a top priority for everyone connected with the operation of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station:

  • Since September 11, 2001, Entergy Nuclear has invested $11 million in security personnel training and physical upgrades (barriers, guard towers, radar, cameras and vehicles).

  • To ensure that the facility adapts to changing world conditions, improvements are constantly being made to the physical security and accessibility of the plant.

  • In the case of a security breach there is a very detailed protocol for communication with state and federal agencies, including the military.

  • The Coast Guard, state police and local security agencies are involved in the facilities security measures which include routine air and marine patrols.

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station's commitment to nuclear security is evident in three critical areas:

  • Training - extensive annual testing and ongoing training is required of all control room operators and security personnel

  • Redundant Systems - backup systems are ready to be activated to replace primary systems if needed

  • Multiple Barriers - steel reinforced concrete structures currently in place are designed to prevent the escape of radioactive material